Among the oldest cities in Italy, Chieti boasts a large number of sanctuaries, archaeological areas and natural reserves of great tourist interest. Founded according to legend by Achilles, who called it Teate in honor of his mother, this city, formerly also called Teate Marrucinorum, probably in reference to the hill on which it was built, preserves all the beauty of the Roman and medieval times.

In an elevated position, given its location on a hill, the city of Chieti is, like Bergamo, made up of two urban sites: Chieti Alta – with the historic center and the first inhabited nucleus – and Chieti Scalo, the modern city. The symbols of the city are found mostly on the hill and worthy of note are the Cathedral of San Giustino with the adjoining bell tower, the Rococo-style Palazzo Fasoli, but above all the Esedra della Pescheria, the ancient fish market, with Doric-style colonnade that recalls the squares of the Greek acropolis.

The variety of Theatine landscapes offers many opportunities for outdoor activities, in every season. In winter the ski season is in turmoil on the Pizzoferrato and Gamberale slopes, located between the rocks and woods of the Pizzi Mountains.

Nature lovers will not be able to escape an excursion to the Majella National Park, to discover the flora and fauna species typical of the Central Italian Apennines. And for the more sophisticated, a quick visit to the University named after Gabriele d’Annunzio will be an opportunity to discover a highly respected university in the Italian university landscape.

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